About us

Welcome to Home Store Online!

Our endless options of rugs include a variety of different colours from full colour rugs to floral rugs and faux fur rugs and designer rugs to fit your personal needs.

By adding a new rug to your room helps to personalise your home. It certainly helps to bring a sophisticated and vibrant feel to your space. Our rugs for homes are crafted into different designs and patterns to suit your style.

We recommend you select a larger rug when trying to decide as this will flow into the space of your room creating an everlasting dynamic experience. However any size rug can bring the best out of your living space. 

Home Store Online are committed to supply rugs for different rooms in your home. Our range is hand picked by our buyers and we keep our stock on trend and all our rugs are available for you to create the home you love with the rug you love.

We look forward to sending out your new rug to make your house a home. 

The Home Store Online Team.